Econyl fabric - what is it?

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Econyl is a brand of regenerated nylon made from post-consumer waste such as fishing nets, industrial plastic waste, and fabric scraps. It is a sustainable alternative to traditional nylon, which is made from non-renewable petroleum-based sources.

We use Econyl fabric to produce eco friendly swimwear to help reduce our footprint on Mama Earth. 

We love Econyl for the following reasons:

Environmental impact: Econyl helps reduce waste in the ocean and on landfills, by using recycled materials that would otherwise end up polluting the environment. By using Econyl, we can reduce our carbon footprint and support the circular economy.

Quality: Econyl has the same properties as traditional nylon, such as durability, elasticity, and resistance to chlorine and UV rays, making it a high-quality material for swimwear. 

Versatility: Econyl can be used in a variety of swimwear styles and It can also be combined with other sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester to create unique and eco-friendly blends.

Transparency: Econyl is a certified sustainable material, meaning that its production and supply chain are traceable and accountable. This ensures that we can provide transparent information about the materials used in their products, and the sustainability credentials of their brand.

Overall, Econyl is a sustainable and versatile material that allows us to reduce  environmental impact while maintaining high-quality products and producing eco friendly swimwear for our OSB tribe.

You can read more about why we choose to work with Sustainabile fabric, how Econyl is processed, and the impact of choosing an eco friendly fabric.

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