5 Ways to Look Youthful for Longer

5 Ways to Look Youthful for Longer - Ocean Soul Bali

It's that age-old issue: how to look youthful for longer.

We've done the research and have come up with our 5 top tips - you might be surprised at how simple they are and easily incorporated into your everyday lifestyle.

1. Get Your Beauty Sleep

A good night's not only helps you feel well rested by daybreak, but it will also enhance your memory, attention, and concentration. Sleep is a major asset to optimal brain function. Your body has a chance to repair and rebuild stamina while you sleep. Be sure to eat well before you go to bed. Going to sleep on a full stomach can slow down your metabolism and disrupt your sleep cycles.


2. Eat Nourishing Food

The older you get, the more your diet matters. Focus on fueling your body! Healthy meals can not only help you feel better, but also help you fight chronic pains, diseases, and fatigue. Eat protein for breakfast to boost energy, and start your day with calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, fruits, or nuts. Avoid starchy, high calorie lunches because these will weigh you down and cause fatigue. Omega-3 fatty acids will not only boost your energy, but also boost your circulation and mood. Monounsaturated fats like avocados, peanut and olive oils may also lower your blood pressure. Vitamin C is essential for your body to make collagen, the protein that keeps skin firm and elastic. Protect your heart with heart-healthy foods such as tomatoes, salmon, and dark chocolate.



3. Ditch Bad Habits

The following habits all contribute to aging - we recommend ditching them!

  1. Limited Sleep: Getting enough sleep can play a major role in your youthful hormones, skin, mind and more.
  2. Smoking: Not only does smoking damage your lungs, but it can damage other major organs, including your skin. Smoking releases free radicals into the body which can cause oxidative damages. The pucker your lips make when you take a puff will cause wrinkles around your lips.
  3. Alcohol: A moderate amount of alcohol has shown to have heart-healthy benefits; however, excessive alcohol drinking can take its toll on your body. Women who are sensitive to alcohol can develop heart disease, brittle bones and even memory loss.
  4. Sugar Cravings: Sugar increases aging in every part of your body by increasing your risk of diabetes and skin problems such as acne and wrinkles. When the sugar enters your bloodstream, it attaches to proteins that actively work to damage skin protecting proteins like collagen and elastin. This will result in sagging, wrinkly skin.
  5. Not Hydrating: Stay hydrated! Most people don't drink enough water in a day, leading to dehydration, headaches, fatigue and more. Your body, brain, and skin are made of mostly water and need this hydrating liquid to keep your body on tract. Water gives you energy, boosts your metabolism, and protects your skin from becoming dry, tight and flakey. The dryer your skin, the more prone you are to wrinkles.



4. Get Regular Exercise

Stay active! Studies show that those who watch more TV per day also eat more.  Instead of watching TV or hanging by the couch, pick up an old hobby, take a walk or exercise your mind. Watching TV for hours on end can not only make you feel drained, but limits your mind and body, leading to feelings of depression or stress. Stand up, pump some oxygen-rich blood through your body, stimulate your brain and reap the benefits. Keeping active will help you maintain muscle mass, protect your heart and keep your body strong.



5. Protect Your Skin

Sun exposure is the number one cause of skin deterioration and ageing. Protect your skin by covering up in the sun: an SPF 50+ long sleeve one piece swimsuits such as the Sulawesi, or our womens one piece swimsuit - the Mentawai.  a hat or bamboo visor,  and some zinc sunscreen for full protection from the UV rays.

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