Giving Back

Giving Back

Our Beautiful Island needs us.

The Island of Bali relies heavily on tourism, with the industry accounting for approximately 80% towards the economy.  Our beautiful Island home has been taken to its knees with the travel bans.  Majority of the communities in Bali have lost their jobs, all income and many families are without food/water or access to medical facilities and little to no support from the government.


With our strong ties to Bali, we like to support the Balinese as much as we can.  We keep all of our production on the Island of Bali which contributes towards local employment.  We also work with various charities, however, we are currently focusing on  throughout the pandemic. 

SOS provide thousands of meals on a daily basis and distributes them to people in need around the Island.  With each purchase of one of our suits, we will donate 10% of the sale to SOS.  This donation will provide 40 meals and will assist SOS to continue feeding and supporting the communities of Bali during this time. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us