Our Guarantee to you

Should the fabric or construction of your Ocean Soul garment let you down, we will repair or replace your item at our discretion.  Small defects can occur in the stitching and zips can become faulty, even though we use the best on the market.

This warranty includes a malfunction of the manufacturing process, not from misuse or tearing due to lack of care or extreme activities.

 As with any fabric, care must be taken to avoid snagging, piling or abrasion. Rough surfaces around swimming pools can pull fibres, this cannot be repaired.  Our warranty does not cover this or neglect or misuse of our product, including washing in hot water, spin drying or hot tub use.

Given the high quality of fabric used, we recommend to wash by hand with a mild soap.  Do not bleach and do not dry in direct sunlight.

 Please keep in mind, mesh is a delicate fibre and misuse and strong pulling can damage the material.

Your Ocean Soul Bali swimsuit should last for years if you maintain it and take care of it as instructed.