Best food for a healthy gut

Best food for a healthy gut - Ocean Soul Bali

Most people these days have poor digestive health, which is no good because according to Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, all health and all disease begins in your gut. Even your happiness depends on the microbes in your gut! That said, we need to learn how to rebalance our gut health without relying upon probiotics for the rest of our lives.

 Best food for a healthy gut

One powerful way to do that is to eliminate sugar and processed foods. It seems simple but by taking out these substances you’ll be doing your digestion a heck of a lot of good. Sugar wreaks havoc on your digestive tract, and by cutting it out the gut will slowly begin to rebuild and repair.


Another way is to eat the right foods. Kimchi is a Korean side dish, consisting of fermented cabbage, radishes, and herbs and produces active ‘probiotic cultures’. The probiotics suppress harmful bacteria and stimulate beneficial bacteria. We have a recipe here to show you how to make your own kimchi.


According to Ayurveda, you can rebalance your gut health by cooking up a pot of khichari. It’s a traditional Indian dish made with white rice and split yellow peas and synergistic spices that naturally repair the gut. Khichari is so easy to digest it’s given to babies and the severely ill. So find yourself a good khichari recipe and get to work in the kitchen. Your gut will love you for it!


Beets, apples, dark, leafy greens and fiber-rich beans are also superfoods for your gut. If you don’t eat beans every day, now’s the time to begin. They provide more fiber than any other food and need to be ingested with at least one meal. Some of the longest living cultures actually eat beans three times a day!


Sip on warm water throughout the day. It seems simple but it’s very effective. Begin your day with a mug of warm lemon water and then take 2-3 sips every 15 minutes throughout your day. Before eating a big meal, have a cup of lemon water 15 minutes beforehand. Then as you eat your meal, take just teeny, tiny sips of water.


If you start doing these things right away you’ll begin to rebalance your gut as the ancients knew how to do for a happy, healthy life.

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