Giving Back

Why We Give to Scholars of Sustenance

Their mission centres around saving perfectly good food from going to landfills by re-directing the distribution of food. This saves both carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses. Most importantly, their sustainability efforts double to feed thousands of people who desperately need it.

Ocean Soul Bali Sustainable Swimwear

Since 2017, Scholars of Sustenance has brought help to Bali in the following ways:

~ Over 1 million meals served (serving around 34,000 meals each month)

~ Rescued over 29 tons of food from going to waste.

~ Reduced over 552 tons of carbon emissions

~ SOS also shares our values in sustainability.

Sustainable Swimwear - Ocean Soul Bali

Sustainable Swimwear That Makes A Difference

Ethical swimwear that supports a beautiful culture of artisans and sustainably sourced fabrics.

I started out with the mission to create a long sleeve surfing swimsuit that would provide comfort and durability in the water for my retreat clientele. But I wanted to be sure I was producing ethical swimwear, that made an impact on everyone involved.

Ocean Soul Bali Sustainable Swimwear
Ocean Soul Bali Sustainable Swimwear
Ocean Soul Bali Sustainable Swimwear

80% of Bali’s economy is supported by tourism, so the past few years have been devastating.

The team that create Ocean Soul Bali's sustainable swimwear, put so much time and effort into the production: even hand-printing our sleeves with eco-friendly ink, along with their artisan-made, intricate sustainable accessories.

Naturally, it only made sense to partner with an organisation with roots in Bali, to give back to the Island that we all love so much.

I was blessed to connect with an incredible non-profit organisation called Scholars of Sustenance that perfectly matched Ocean Soul Bali’s desire to empower the Balinese.

Ocean Soul Bali Sustainable Swimwear

How fortunate we are as a mission-driven company to be able to donate a small portion of the revenue from our sustainable swimwear line towards an impactful purpose.

Your purchase of a sustainable bathing suit or hand made accessories helps feed those who might not have a meal otherwise.

It’s a powerful initiative we’re proud and honoured to support through our store.