How does Econyl fabric provide UPF protection in our surf swimwear?

How does Econyl fabric provide UPF protection in our surf swimwear? - Ocean Soul Bali

 Econyl is a brand of regenerated nylon fabric that is made from recycled materials, such as discarded fishing nets, fabric scraps, and industrial plastic waste. 

We use Econyl to produce all our surf swimwear and surf leggings, as it helps to provide UPF protection. 

Here's how Econyl fabric can contribute to UPF protection when used in our women's surf swimwear:

  • UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) Rating: Our women's surf swimwear made from Econyl fabric is designed with a UPF rating, which measures the fabric's ability to block UV rays. A higher UPF rating indicates better protection. For example, a long sleeve swimsuit with a UPF rating of 50+ provides excellent protection by blocking over 98% of UV rays.
  • Dye and Finish: The dye and finish applied to Econyl fabric can also affect its UV protection properties. Some dyes and finishes can enhance the fabric's ability to block UV radiation.  
  • Design and Coverage: The design of swimwear made from Econyl fabric can also impact its sun protection. Long sleeve swimwear, surf leggings, and one piece swimsuits with more coverage offer better protection compared to items with less coverage.
  • Colour: The colour of the fabric can influence its ability to absorb or reflect UV radiation. Darker colours generally absorb more UV rays and offer better protection than lighter colours.  For example, our black one piece can offer more protection than a lighter one piece.

It's important to note that while long sleeve swimsuits and one piece swimsuits made from Econyl fabric can provide a level of UPF protection, they're not a replacement for sunscreen. For comprehensive sun protection, especially during prolonged sun exposure, it's recommended to always choose sun-protective clothing, use sunscreen with a broad-spectrum SPF rating, and take other precautions like wearing sunglasses and sun visors and seeking shade when necessary.  

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