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Our Story.

Sustainable Swimwear - Our Story


I was a water lover on a mission to create Sustainable Swimwear that would flatter any body type.

We're a body-conscious + ocean-conscious movement of ethical swimwear and apparel – giving you confidence to be present in and out of the water.

Ocean Soul Bali creates sustainable swimsuits that encompass the whole woman. Designed for your priorities in and around the water as the ultimate swimsuit – slimming, sustainable, and sexy. 

Because you deserve to feel your best.


Our Search: The Sustainable Swimsuit That Does It All

As an active ocean soul, I had a long list of water hobbies. The most pressing issue wasn’t fitting them all into my schedule but finding the suit that encompassed all my needs.

I struggled to find a slimming one piece bathing suit that supported all my adventures:

→ A one piece swimsuit for surfing that could double as a rashguard swimsuit

→ A freediving suit that stays put as you’re plunging beneath the surface

→ A full-coverage swimsuit with SPF that felt comfortable, flattering, and even sexy

→ Sustainable swimwear that prioritized ethical production and manufacturing 

→ Compression swimwear without the weight of a wetsuit but all the SPF goodness

→ A long sleeve swimsuit that felt just as free as a one-piece swimsuit with short sleeves

I knew I couldn’t be the only one with this problem. 

I wasn’t willing to compromise and I couldn’t find a sustainable swimsuit I was madly in love with. So I  designed one myself. And over time, my sustainable swimwear has become known for the comfort and tailored fit that undeniably make women feel and look their best. 

Our Roots: Ocean Soul Retreat 

 In 2014, I moved to Bali to launch our sister company, Ocean Soul Retreat. A dream years in the making, my retreat focused on reconnecting with your body through nature – practising stillness and movement through yoga, surf, pilates, and freediving programs.

When I decided to hand-design custom apparel for Ocean Soul Retreat, I became immersed in a web of incredible manufacturers in Bali who aligned with my vision: prioritizing quality over quantity. 

This is where my search for the ultimate sustainable swimsuit began. 


Our Hope for You: Rediscover Your Body Confidence With a Slimming Swimsuit

As women, our bodies are constantly shifting and changing. And while we know deep down this doesn’t determine our value, it’s still easy to feel insecure in a swimsuit. 

I wanted to find a long sleeve one piece swimsuit that didn’t make me feel like I was hiding. I wanted a one piece swimsuit that helped me find confidence and comfort on my own terms.

Here’s my dream for you: that our sustainable swimwear will help you find confidence in your body, just as it is so you can be present and live in the moment without worrying if your suit is staying on, fitting right, or flattering for your body.

Our sustainable swimwear gives you a full-coverage swimsuit that accentuates your curves, elongates the legs, and provides comfortable tummy control. 

This shapewear swim allows you to soak up every second of sun-drenched goodness Mother Nature has to offer, undistracted. When you find a suit that makes you feel confident, your whole experience with water changes.

Every woman deserves to look + feel incredible in a swimsuit.


Our Commitment to You: Prioritising Sustainable Swimwear

I set out to create sustainable swimwear that prioritizes Mother Nature by using resources responsibly while encompassing any occasion, style, or body type. We prioritize the use of recycled fabric with our sustainable bathing suit. It upcycles plastic waste and saves our precious oceans from further plastic pollution. 

Our recycled nylon fabric is luxuriously soft,  infinitely recyclable, versatile, and durable. This sustainable swimwear line was built tough, to be your go-to-bathing suit for any activity by the water. 

That’s why we can confidently promise quality, ethical swimwear you can feel good wearing – for years to come.


Our Heart: Giving Back to Bali + Honouring Artisan Craft

After years in the retail industry, I am blessed with the resources and education to build my own business. I know how hard manufacturers work. I’ve seen it in action. 

That’s why we decided to give back to my community in Bali, who had welcomed me with loving arms when I first started my Ocean Soul Retreat. They’re so deserving! They’re also the ethical and thoughtful production behind this sustainable swimsuit. 

That’s why every purchase gives back 10% to powerful initiatives within Bali to feed and support the people who live by the sun and show us what hard work and dedication look like.


Our Promise to You: Sustainable Swimwear That Focuses on Quality Over Quantity 

It can take up to 20 samples to get one portion of the cut right! And while this may seem wasteful, rest assured it’s saving everyone time and energy. Because when this sustainable bathing suit arrives at your door, there will be no hesitation that it’s the perfect tailored fit for you.

We’ve spent years working on every last detail, right down to the seams and the convenience of an adjustable zip-front swimsuit.

Once we perfected our design, we were able to expand into a complete sustainable swimwear line of flattering and slimming one piece swimsuits. A full-coverage swimsuit that helps you look and feel your best while showing only what you want to show.

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