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Sustainable Swimwear made with Premium recycled nylon fabric

We prioritise the use of ethically-made, premium recycled fabric to support Mother Nature.Ocean Soul Bali's sustainable bathing suit is crafted with regenerated nylon – developed and produced by a global leader in synthetic fibres. The recycled nylon fabric we source, created by Econyl, results from years of research and detailed attention to environmental impact.

It’s the obvious choice for our sustainable swimwear that respects our precious planet and its resources – while providing a superior slimming bathing suit for you, the customer.


Innovative Sustainable Fabric to Save Our Oceans + Provide Luxury Comfort

Econyl’s sustainable fabric is consciously created to beluxurious, endlessly reusable, and recyclablewhile significantly cutting regular manufacturing waste.Econyl is versatile and durable – perfect for hugging your curves in and out of the water. 

How Econyl Creates Their Sustainable Fabric

Their process is straightforward, minimises waste, and boosts efficiency for eco-friendly production. 1. Plastic Waste Is Collected Across the Globe. There really is no limit to the nylon they source, but the primary sources include items like: Fishing Nets Fabric Scraps Carpet Flooring Industrial Plastic


Why We Chose This Sustainable Fabric for Our Sustainable Swimwear Line

Econyl’s sustainable fabric is not just arecycled piece of fabric–it’s a premium yarn completely rewoven from scratchfor a fresh, luxurious slimming swimsuit.

A tailored fit from heaven that hugs and holds you in all the right places.The elastic properties of nylon are preserved throughout the recycling process! So rest assured your sustainable swimwear is made from recycled nylon fabric but contains the exact same stretch, fit, and compression as virgin nylon. Recycled Nylon Fabric is the perfect material for a  Sustainable Swimsuit:

→ Snug and comfy compression for a slimming swimsuit
→ Quick-drying fabric
for all your adventures
→ Perfectly sturdy and durable material for water activities that can get rough
→Natural SPF properties
provide swimwear with sun protectionplus chlorine resistanceSustainable Fabric = Minimal Environmental Impact


The Results

Nylon is the premium choice for durable swimsuits, but it’s not environmentally friendly innormalproduction methods. Econyl’s sustainable fabric is different.

It supports eco-friendly production and it’s infinitely recyclable.

Every 10,000 tons of Econyl recycled nylon saves: 
70,000 barrels worth of crude oil
65,100 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Recycled Nylon Fabric reduces the global warming impact by 90% compared to traditional nylon production.Anytime we can take care of Mother Nature, we’re all in. Thanks to Econyl for supplying us with a beautiful and functional sustainable fabric!

The Process


1. Collect

Plastic Waste Is Collected Across the Globe. There really is no limit to the nylon they source, but the primary sources include items like:

Fishing Nets
Fabric Scraps
Carpet Flooring
Industrial Plastic


2. Sort

Collected Plastic Waste Is Sorted, Cleaned, and Purified to Its Original State in a Proprietary Process. We think this process is pretty incredible.A blind eye would never know the difference between fossil-made nylon and regenerated nylon fabric.


3. Create

The Recycled Nylon Is Processed Into Yarns and PolymersThis is the part of the process where we get to source the lovingly-made sustainable fabric to create your swimsuit!

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